Feb 26, 2019Tonearm Reviewed by Analog Japan
Klaudio's ARM-MP12 Tonearm has been reviewed by Ikuo Tsunoda of Analog Magazine.
May 18, 2018PF Brutus Award
Klaudio's ultrasonic record cleaner has received Positive-Feedback's "Brutus Award" by Editor-in-Chief Dr. David W. Robinson.

Jan 5, 2015Klaudio Silencer Reviewed by Positive Feedback
Myles B. Astor of Positive Feedback reviews Klaudio's sound dampening case for the ultrasonic cleaner:

Kudos to the design team at Klaudio for continuing to improve upon an excellent product and last year's PF Product of the Year. While the new Silencer equipped model does require a little more space, the new found silence is golden! Highly recommended!
Sep 30, 2014The Absolute Sound Reviews Klaudio's RCM
Andre Jennings of The Absolute Sound reviews Klaudio's 200W ultrasonic record cleaner in October 2014's issue:

Besides its ease of use, the Klaudio cleans records deep in the grooves better than any unit I've observed to date... This ultrasonic cleaning keeps instruments where they were, but allows the recording venue's full expanse and reverberant clarity to be heard more clearly. ...for me this unit has proven to be an unflagging asset in the enjoyment of vinyl playback.
Sep 15, 2014Klaudio Reviewed by Stereo Sound Japan
Klaudio's ultrasonic record cleaner has been reviewed by Takahito Miura of Stereo Sound. (Quote below has been translated into English.):

I affirm the result of cleaning quality is extremely high-end. I have compared the quality of sound before and after cleaning. Undesirable noise has been overwhelmingly decreased, and the luster of LPs is revived as new.
Dec 11, 2013Klaudio Receives Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Award
Klaudio would like to thank Positive-Feedback for their 2013 Writer's Choice Award!

And in my experience, no record cleaning machine does a better job of cleaning those new and used LPs than the Klaudio. This extremely well thought out and sturdily built machine has many things going for it ... ultrasonically cleaned records possess a sense of quietness, transparency, detail, dimensionality and information across the frequency spectrum that the best traditional scrub and vacuum machines only hint at. A must-have for all serious analog lovers.
Oct 3, 2013Klaudio's KD-CLN-LP200 Reviewed by Positive-Feedback
Myles B. Aster of has posted a review of Klaudio's KD-CLN-LP200 ultrasonic cleaner:

The Klaudio US machine appears to get more and more grime out of the record grooves—as well as increasing stylus/groove wall scanning contact time—resulting in more detailed bass, greater information retrieval, less smearing of transients, better instrumental dimensionality and greater retrieval of ambient space... The verdict? In this case, more is definitely better... If you really want to hear what your albums (and analog) are really capable of delivering, then you need to hear them cleaned on the new ultrasound record cleaning machine, and at that on the new Klaudio unit!
Oct 3, 2013Klaudio KD-CLN-LP200 Reviewed by Analog Planet
Klaudio's 200W ultrasonic cleaner was reviewed by Michael Fremer of

...the KLAUDiO’s build quality is 'high grade industrial'...I liked the KLAUDiO’s rugged build quality, its quiet operation, its wash and dry time adjustability...

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