Automatic Disc Loader for Record Cleaning Machine KD-CLN-LP200 Ultrasonic Record Cleaner & Dryer

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Klaudio is a designer of original audio equipment (Learn More). The first available product is a 200-Watt ultrasonic LP vinyl record cleaner with dryer, model KD-CLN-LP200.

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Myles B. Astor of Positive Feedback reviews Klaudio's sound dampening case for the ultrasonic cleaner:

Kudos to the design team at Klaudio for continuing to improve upon an excellent product and last year's PF Product of the Year. While the new Silencer equipped model does require a little more space, the new found silence is golden! Highly recommended!
Klaudio's automatic disc loader is now in stock.
Dec 15, 2014December Stock Delays
Several inbound shipments have been delayed by the U.S. Pacific Coast port labor slow-down. Estimated arrival dates for out-of-stock products are being adjusted on a daily basis as new information arrives. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Klaudio's disc auto-loader for the ultrasonic LP cleaner is expected later this month.
Dec 5, 2014CE Certification Completed
Klaudio's KD-CLN-LP200 ultrasonic LP cleaner has completed CE certification (for Europe and other regions). CE labeled units should begin to arrive in stock in February, 2015.
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