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Klaudio is a designer of original audio equipment (Learn More). The first available product is a 200-Watt ultrasonic LP vinyl record cleaner with dryer, model KD-CLN-LP200.

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Jun 6, 2017Tonearm Installation Video
A new installation video for our tangential tonearms has been posted:

Apr 4, 2017New Tangential Tonearm Video
Video of our new tangential tonearms has been posted:

Now in prime production, Klaudio's latest LP cleaner KD-CLN-LP200S has received a volume manufacturing cost reduction.
Klaudio's new tangential tonearms are now available for purchase!
Jan 10, 2017Tangential Tonearms Coming Soon!
Klaudio is releasing its new line of tonearms this month. KD-ARM-MP10 and KD-ARM-MP12 are true mechanical tangential tonearms. To achieve 0-degrees of tracking error, they not only pivot but glide longitudinally on ultra-precise bearings.
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