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Klaudio is a designer of original audio equipment (Learn More). The first available product is a 200-Watt ultrasonic LP vinyl record cleaner with dryer, model KD-CLN-LP200.

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Apr 4, 2017New Tangential Tonearm Video
Video of our new tangential tonearms has been posted:

Now in prime production, Klaudio's latest LP cleaner KD-CLN-LP200S has received a volume manufacturing cost reduction.
Klaudio's new tangential tonearms are now available for purchase!
Jan 10, 2017Tangential Tonearms Coming Soon!
Klaudio is releasing its new line of tonearms this month. KD-ARM-MP10 and KD-ARM-MP12 are true mechanical tangential tonearms. To achieve 0-degrees of tracking error, they not only pivot but glide longitudinally on ultra-precise bearings.
Sep 30, 2016New KD-CLN-LP200S Cleaner and Accessories Are Available
KD-CLN-L200S and three new accessories for it are now available. The "S" version (smaller) ultrasonic cleaner has its own Silencer Case, do be sure to select the correct one for your cleaner!
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