Aug 16, 2019Record Cleaners - EOL Notice
May 29, 2019Klaudio Tonearm Setup Guide
The primary installation video for Klaudio's tangential tonearms has been posted. (Please see the user manual for further details and diagrams.)

May 29, 2019Klaudio Tonearm Anti-Drifting Steps Video

May 29, 2019Klaudio Tonearm Head Shell/Cartridge Replacement Video

May 29, 2019New KD-ARM-AGxx Tonearm Feature Video
A new video of Klaudio's tangential "AG" model tonearms (automatic lift and electronic lift/drop) has been posted:

Nov 2, 2018New MKII Tangential Tonearms Released!
Klaudio has released two more tangential tonearms. MKII are gold-plated and have automatic motorized arm lift and button-activated lift/drop features.
Oct 8, 2018KD-CLN-LP200S New Low Price!
The KD-CLN-200S ultrasonic record cleaner is currently $500 off ($3,499.99).
Feb 19, 2018LP200S Now Includes Reservoir Container
The compact KD-CLN-LP200S record cleaner no longer requires the purchase of a separate reservoir container. Several accessories are now included: a reservoir container, debris filter, and water cooling kit. Just add distilled water.
May 18, 2018New Tangential Tonearm Video
Video of our new tangential tonearms has been posted:

Mar 8, 2017KD-CLN-LP200S LP Cleaner Price Reduced
Now in prime production, Klaudio's latest LP cleaner KD-CLN-LP200S has received a volume manufacturing cost reduction.
Feb 10, 2017Tonearms Now Available!
Klaudio's new tangential tonearms are now available for purchase!
Jan 10, 2017Tangential Tonearms Coming Soon!
Klaudio is releasing its new line of tonearms this month. KD-ARM-MP10 and KD-ARM-MP12 are true mechanical tangential tonearms. To achieve 0-degrees of tracking error, they not only pivot but glide longitudinally on ultra-precise bearings.
Sep 30, 2016New KD-CLN-LP200S Cleaner and Accessories Are Available
KD-CLN-L200S and three new accessories for it are now available. The "S" version (smaller) ultrasonic cleaner has its own Silencer Case, do be sure to select the correct one for your cleaner!
Aug 24, 2016New LP Cleaner Coming Soon!
Klaudio is adding a new ultrasonic LP cleaner to its lineup. KD-CLN-LP200S is a compact version with the same 200W cleaning power as the original. Since it lacks a built-in reservoir, an external source of water is required: either a reservoir or direct tap water connection.
Aug 18, 2016New Silencer in Stock
The new KD-SIL-02 silencer cases are now in stock, but availability is very limited. This version is shorter, lighter, and lower in price than the original KD-SIL-01. It uses a different airflow design and lacks the POM acetal base. Acoustic sealing is performed with rubber along the bottom edge.
May 18, 2018See Klaudio Products at Newport Beach
Our products will be displayed at T.H.E. Show in Newport, CA (June 3-5) by Blue Light Audio in the Quail Hill Room.

May 18, 2018Klaudio in Munich for High End
Klaudio is exhibiting at High End for our third consecutive year, from May 5-8th (Munich, Germany). See us at the entrance to Hall 4 in Booth #T01!

May 18, 2018A Challenging Cleaning Project
How do you remove decades of smoke and hamburger grease from fifty-year-old 45 rpms? Indianapolis' Red Key Tavern gets help from Pat Chastain and his Klaudio ultrasonic record cleaner!
May 18, 2018PF Brutus Award
Klaudio's ultrasonic record cleaner has received Positive-Feedback's "Brutus Award" by Editor-in-Chief Dr. David W. Robinson.

May 18, 2018Klaudio at Newport Audio Show
Klaudio will be at T.H.E Show in Newport, California from May 29-31. See us at Booth #E28 in the vinyl section!

May 18, 2018See Klaudio at High End in Germany
Klaudio is attending the High End audio show in Munich, Germany, from May 14-17th. See us at the entrance to Hall 4 in Booth #C01!

Jan 5, 2015Klaudio Silencer Reviewed by Positive Feedback
Myles B. Astor of Positive Feedback reviews Klaudio's sound dampening case for the ultrasonic cleaner:

Kudos to the design team at Klaudio for continuing to improve upon an excellent product and last year's PF Product of the Year. While the new Silencer equipped model does require a little more space, the new found silence is golden! Highly recommended!
Dec 19, 2014Auto-Loader Now Available!
Klaudio's automatic disc loader is now in stock.
Dec 15, 2014December Stock Delays
Several inbound shipments have been delayed by the U.S. Pacific Coast port labor slow-down. Estimated arrival dates for out-of-stock products are being adjusted on a daily basis as new information arrives. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Dec 8, 2014Automatic Disc Loader Coming Soon!
Klaudio's disc auto-loader for the ultrasonic LP cleaner is expected later this month.
Dec 5, 2014CE Certification Completed
Klaudio's KD-CLN-LP200 ultrasonic LP cleaner has completed CE certification (for Europe and other regions). CE labeled units should begin to arrive in stock in February, 2015.
Sep 22, 2014New York Audio Show Sept. 26-28
See Klaudio's ultrasonic record cleaner at the New York Audio Show at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott from Sept. 26-28. It will be demonstrated in Room 392 by High Water Sound and High Fidelity Services.
Sep 17, 2014RCM Silencer Case Now Available
Klaudio's silencer is a very high quality acoustic dampening case for the KD-CLN-LP200 ultrasonic record cleaner. With a substantial noise reduction down to approximately 50dBA, records can now be cleaned and dried nearby instead of in another room.
Sep 30, 2014The Absolute Sound Reviews Klaudio's RCM
Andre Jennings of The Absolute Sound reviews Klaudio's 200W ultrasonic record cleaner in October 2014's issue:

Besides its ease of use, the Klaudio cleans records deep in the grooves better than any unit I've observed to date... This ultrasonic cleaning keeps instruments where they were, but allows the recording venue's full expanse and reverberant clarity to be heard more clearly. ...for me this unit has proven to be an unflagging asset in the enjoyment of vinyl playback.
Sep 15, 2014Klaudio Reviewed by Stereo Sound Japan
Klaudio's ultrasonic record cleaner has been reviewed by Takahito Miura of Stereo Sound. (Quote below has been translated into English.):

I affirm the result of cleaning quality is extremely high-end. I have compared the quality of sound before and after cleaning. Undesirable noise has been overwhelmingly decreased, and the luster of LPs is revived as new.

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