Klaudio Magnezar Turntable (Pre-Order)

Part No. KD-MGZ-TT1
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The Magnezar turntable pushes technology to its limits with unprecedented design and features. The platter floats entirely on permanent magnets, so there are no mechanical thrust bearings. It contains an exceptionally quiet direct drive motor. Liquid is used to enhance stabilization. An automatic clamping system flattens both center and periphery of the LP. The Magnezar supports dual tonearms, with support for Klaudio’s tangential tonearm and laser pod.


• Magnetically levitated platter
• Ultra quiet direct drive motor
• Enhanced liquid stabilization and lighting
• Automatic spindle and peripheral clamping
• Dual tonearm support, including Klaudio tangential tonearm and laser pod
• Adjustable platter speed: 33, 45, & 78rpm
• Aluminum construction


• Wow and Flutter: 0.015% max.
• Speed Accuracy: ~0.01%
• Motor Torque: 5 Nm/sec
• Total Weight: 121lbs (55kg)
• Size: 16.3x22.6x11in (415x575x280mm)
• Platter Weight: 44lbs (20kg)
• Platter Size: 14.4x4.1in (365x105mm)

*Product is still in development and some specifications may be subject to change before launch.

Weight 121.00 lb (54.89 kg)

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